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City of Martensville Weekly Update – July 5, 2018

by City of Martensville

2018 July Council Meeting Dates

Committee of the Whole Meeting- July 10th – CANCELLED
Regular Council- July 17th

The Regular Council Meetings are located at Martensville City Hall Council Chambers in Martensville City Hall at 37 Centennial Dr. S

All Regular Council Meetings and Committee of the Whole Meetings are open to the public. All meetings commence at 5PM.

Those wishing to address or do a presentation to Council must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda please contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or visit the website for details.

The full Council and Committee of the Whole Schedule can be obtained at martensville.ca

Loraas Organics -Green Bin Program

Sign up today for the Organics Composting Program (Green Bin). The service is by subscription only and is $10 a month for the green bin service. The fee is added to your utility bill.

Composting Guidelines:
– Accepting Plant waste, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, filters, tea bags and egg shells
– No Liquids of any kind
– Do not separate or bag individual items
– No Proteins

Program will begin May 8th and end October 31st. Watch Martensville.ca for the pick-up schedule, to sign up and for more information about the program.

Switch to Ebilling through Martensville.ca

You can now access your City of Martensville property and utility information online. You can also sign up to receive your utility bills by email and save paper!

Accessing your Resident Accounts Information on Martensville.ca?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
1. For Taxes-Your 2018 City of Martensville Property Tax Notice with Access Code
2. For Utilities- Your most recent City of Martensville Utility Statement with Access Code

When you’re ready, go to www.martensville.ca to get started today! Then halfway down the page click on ‘My Account’ icon.

Choose “Link & Register” and then “Show Me How” to start the process of registering for your account. Follow the onscreen instructions and prompts to add your accounts.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact City Hall at 306-931-2166 or info@martensville.ca

Property Tax Payments

A reminder that 2018 Property Taxes are due July 31, 2018.

Commencing August 1, 2018 penalties will be added to all outstanding accounts at 1% per month. Property taxes can be paid by debit, cheque, cash or online banking. Payments may also be placed in the mail slot at City Hall afterhours orweekends.

We also have the T.I.P.P.S (Tax Installment Payment Plan Service) that can be utilized. See all our payment options on Martensville.ca, look for the Pay My Bills icon

If payment arrangements need to be made, please contact City Hall.

Landscaping or Working on your Property this Summer? – Things You Should Know

Access to Private Property Through Open Spaces Bylaw

Due to damage to City property and failure to remedy damages; the City has created the Access to Private Property Through Open Spaces Bylaw. The City Traffic Control and Waste Bylaws have also been rewritten to set the provisions to access private property through City land.

Access to Private Property Through Open Spaces Bylaw 2-2016

Permit required
Any person or businesses that will be driving a vehicle or equipment over city open space to access private property are now required to apply for a permit prior to gaining access.

Section 6 (2) No person shall carry on the following activities in an open space area without a permit:
(a) leave or store personal property;
(b) set up a temporary shelter, tarp, canopy or other such device;
(c) drive or arrange for a vehicle or equipment to be driven through an open space area;

Traffic Bylaw – Dumping of Materials

Dumping of material onto city streets is not permitted, any material must be placed on the owner’s property unless permission is granted by the Director of Infrastructure and Planning or designate. Any person or any business who will be conducting work on or around city streets must setup a safe temporary traffic control zone.

Section 4 (f) Any person or company responsible for construction, construction equipment, or material within the highway/street must setup a safe temporary work traffic control zone. At the request of the Director of Infrastructure and Planning or designate a written work zone traffic control plan may be required prior to approval for installation and setup.

Waste Bylaw 18-2015

Work sites must have a bin/truck on site to dump their waste material into, to not leave material scattered around the work site or piled on the road way.

Construction Waste
48. (1) Any owner or contractor carrying out the construction, alteration or demolition of a building, structure or landscaping on any property shall:
(a) place all waste into a waste container or enclosure;

For further information or questions about these bylaws or to see what you need prior to starting a project, please contact City Hall 931-2166

Summer Water Conservation Tips

Summer can bring a rise in water consumption and your water bill. Here are some tips to help conserve water during the heat:

• Water your lawn deeply, but not more than once a week. During periods of extended rain, water even less frequently.
• Water new lawns every other day until the grass reaches 5 cm; then water less frequently.
• Set a tuna can in each of your sprinkler zones and time how long it takes to fill it with water. That’s how long you should run your sprinkler once a week if your lawn is dry.
• Use drip irrigation and/or sprinkler systems that are timed to turn on and off automatically. Remember to turn them off if it’s raining.
• Don’t water your lawn during the hottest time of the day. Instead, water early in the morning or in the evening. Don’t water when it’s rainy or windy.
• Check the sprinkler position to make sure you don’t waste water by watering the street, sidewalks or driveway.
• Xeriscape Landscaping – Group plants according to their watering needs. Plant water-saving plants, trees and shrubs. Use mulch to retain moisture in the soil. All of this can save 10-35 litres of water per minute.
• When mowing your lawn, only cut the top 1/3 of the grass and leave clippings behind. They will help the soil retain moisture and provide natural fertilizer.
• Wash your car at the car wash. Washing at home with a hose for ten minutes uses 300 litres of water and sends soap, oil and other chemicals to the river through storm drains. At a car wash, run-off is captured and disposed of properly.
• Use a broom when cleaning your driveway or walkway. Washing with a hose uses almost 200 litres of water.

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