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City of Martensville Weekly Update

by City of Martensville

October Council Meeting Dates

Regular Council Meeting – October 1st
Committee of the Whole – October 8th
Regular Council Meeting – October 15th

The Council Meetings are located at Martensville City Hall Council Chambers in Martensville City Hall at 37 Centennial Dr. S.

All Regular Council Meetings and Committee of the Whole Meetings are open to the public. All meetings commence at 5PM.

Those wishing to address or do a presentation to Council must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda please contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or visit the website for details.

The full Council and Committee of the Whole Schedule can be obtained at  martensville.ca.

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How Can You Help Prevent a Sewer Line Backup?

• Do not pour grease or cooking oil down the drain. Instead scrape out or pour cooking oil and grease into a container or plastic bag and dispose of it in your kitchen garbage.

• Do not dispose of large absorbent items like paper towels, diapers, baby wipes or feminine products, down the toilet, these are not items that disintegrate like toilet paper will, including “flushable” wipes. These products should be disposed of in your garbage.

• Kitchen garburators increase the amount of organic material in the service lines. Depending on the condition of the service line, organic material can stick to the lines and over time cause blockages. Compost your organic material instead.

To help prevent a sewer backup, be mindful of what goes down the drain. Your pipes are not built to handle most food items and will almost always cause a blockage in the short or long term. When in doubt, properly dispose of these items by throwing them away.

Vehicles Parked ‘Left of Centre’

Vehicles parked on the wrong side of the road is an illegal and unsafe practice and is controlled by local bylaws and the Provincial Traffic Safety Act.

The Martensville Traffic Bylaw 17-2015 states:

3e(vii) No person shall park a vehicle on any street to the left of centre (wrong way).

Enforcement of this bylaw will be increased in response to resident complaints. The penalty for parking the wrong way is $120.

For further information visit Martensville.ca or contact Bylaw Enforcement.

Returning Your Waste and Recycle Bins to Your Property- Waste Bylaw

Residents are reminded to return waste and recycle bins to their properties and off the street after bins have been picked up. Bins should be placed in front of the premises by 7AM of the morning of collection day. Bins left on the street are potentially subject to damage caused by wind or traffic. Bins left on the street also interfere with local traffic, street parking as well as street sweeping or utility maintenance. Per the local bylaw, any person failing to adhere to the bylaw may be subject to fines.

To see the Waste Bylaw visit Martensville.ca or contact City Hall.

Recreation Program Update- What is Coming Up!

• Geocaching Event, September 27th-October 4th. First coordinates will be released on the City of Martensville Facebook page on September 27th

• Knitting at Night – September 30th and October 2nd , 7-8PM, Martensville Civic Centre

• Community Bird Watching October 1st & 3rd, 7:30AM-8:30 AM, Kinsmen Park Gazebo

For information about these and any other program or upcoming event, check our Program Guide or website, contact the Martensville Athletic Pavilion or email us at programs@martensville.ca

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