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City of Martensville Update for February 21st

by City of Martensville

March Council Meeting Dates

Regular Council Meeting – March 5, 2019
Committee of the Whole – March 12, 2019
Regular Council Meeting – March 19, 2019

The Council Meetings are located at Martensville City Hall Council Chambers in Martensville City Hall at 37 Centennial Dr. S.

All Regular Council Meetings and Committee of the Whole Meetings are open to the public. All meetings commence at 5PM. Those wishing to address or do a presentation to Council must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda please contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or visit the website for details.

The full Council and Committee of the Whole Schedule can be obtained at martensville.ca.

Changes to Martensville.ca – Sign up for Subscription Notifications

Have you lost track if its Garbage or Recycle Day? Visit Martensville.ca today and sign up for Subscription Notifications and have service reminders, events, public notices and news sent right to your inbox. Simply look for the megaphone icon on Martensville.ca and follow the prompts.

Water Line Freeze Ups

If you have an interruption of water service to your home you may have a water-line freeze up.
Though there have been no reports of freeze-ups to date, if you experience a waterline freeze-up, or any other interruption in service, please call (306) 931-2166 to report your issue.

If this happens outside of regular business hours, please follow the prompts to be transferred to the emergency after-hours contact. Thank you for your cooperation!


The program aims to facilitate the handling of emergencies by Police, Fire, and Ambulance services during the winter months, reduce the hazards of icy conditions to motorists and pedestrians, and minimize the economic losses to the community and industry resulting from unsatisfactory winter driving conditions.

Information on general program procedures and the City’s Priority Map is available online at Martensville.ca, but here are a few ways you can help our crews keep our streets as clear and safe as possible:

– Do not shovel, blow, or push snow from private property onto the street – this causes snow ridges on your driveway when our plow cleans your street.
– Do not plow or pile snow on streets – this can block access to manholes and watervalves and be a safety hazard.
– Clear your driveways in advance of the city’s snow clearing operations – this helps our operators clear your street more efficiently.
– Do not park your vehicle in an area where it could obstruct snow removal procedures – this hinders our operations and could result in a snow ridge blocking your vehicle in place.
– Do not leave large piles of snow at the corners of driveways – this snow can be caught by a raised snow-gate blade and topple over into your driveway or the street.
– Prevent snow from piling up on the front of your driveway by moving it near your tree/lawn areas behind your walkway.
– Watch for posted areas for Snow Removal – In case of snow and snow removal, crews need to have roads cleared off of all vehicles on posted streets. If you are going out of the City over the holidays, please have your vehicles off City streets. Vehicles left on the street per the traffic bylaw are ticketed and towed (to a non-posted area).

Our crews strive to deliver excellent services, however sometimes weather can be unpredictable, and snow and ice control activities may vary. Every reasonable effort will be made to remove snow and ice and create safe driving and walking conditions in a timely manner.

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