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City of Martensville Provides Fun Easter Geocaching Event

by Shanine Sealey
Easter Geocaching

The City of Martensville Recreation Department has been busy coming up with ideas to help keep people busy while also ensuring that they continue practicing safe social distancing. One of the events that they offer, which continues to grow in popularity is Easter Geocaching.

This is a community wide event that will be held during spring break from April 13th to 19th and is intended to get people out and moving.

“Geocaching is intended to be an event that anyone can do at any time, in inclusive locations for all to access,” City of Martensville Program Coordinator II, Jessica Loran, explained.

The first set of coordinates will be posted on the City of Martensville Facebook page on the morning of the 13th and participants will have all week to find all of the geocaches. Once they have completed them all, the last cache explains how you can enter into a draw to win a prize.

“We are structuring the Easter Geocache a little differently this year to make up for the new restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of having a physical egg that people need to open to find the clues, we will instead have laminated pictures of Easter Eggs with the coordinates on them so that people can easily see them,” Loran said.

After looking at the clue, participants will be able to enter the new coordinates and find the next clue. In addition, Loran said that they are recommending for everyone that they practice proper social distancing while out hunting for clues and that if someone is already at a clue, that they wait their turn. Additionally, Loran reminds residents to follow all recommendations set in place by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, such as proper hand washing.

“This event will be included in our Mood Boost Activities for next week, as it is Easter themed and encourages people to still have fun and celebrate Easter while being safe.”

For more fun themes and ideas for Mood Boost Activities, follow ‘Martensville Mood Boost’ on Facebook.

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