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City of Martensville News (January 25, 2018)

by City of Martensville
Who is Volunteer of the YearYour Citizen and Volunteer of the Year?


Nominations  are now being accepted for Citizen and Volunteer of the Year. Recognize the individual or group that has made a positive difference in Martensville and has helped make our community a great place to call home!


Deadline for nominations is February 1st. Nomination forms are available at the MAP or by emailing recprograms@martensville.ca.

February 2018 Council Meeting Dates

Committee of the Whole February 13th 2018.
Regular Council Meeting February 20th 2018.

Meetings will take place at the Canalta Hotel Conference Room, 611 Centennial Dr S. and are open to the public. All meetings commence at 5PM. Those wishing to address or do a presentation to Council must be placed on the agenda. To be placed on the agenda please contact the City Clerk’s office at City Hall or visit the website for details.

The full Council and Committee of the Whole Schedule can be obtained at martensville.ca

Christmas Tree Collection Site – Winter FunFest 2018, February 3rd

A Christmas Tree Collection Site has been set up next to the North Ridge Centennial Community Centre where collected trees will be part of the bonfire and fireworks display during Winter FunFest.

• Remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, string, garland, tree stands and any other decorations
• Do not dispose of artificial trees or other yard and household waste (only live Christmas trees will be accepted)
• Do not bag or wrap your tree (including recyclable tree bags)
• Please do not deposit any Christmas trees at the Yard Waste Composting Site (10th Ave. S)
• Please do not stack or place trees in a manner which may cause them to easily topple over, or in an area which impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you at the Winter FunFest on February 3rd.


Keeping our Pets Safe During Extreme Cold

If your pet spends time outdoors during cold winter days, consider these guidelines and several signs to watch for to ensure your pet is comfortable and safe.

Temperature Guidelines
– Certain breeds of ‘sled dogs’ can remain outside for hours, not all dogs fare as well in cold and snow
– Cold temperatures should not become a problem for most dogs until it falls below -7°C at which point cold adverse dogs might begin to be uncomfortable
– If you have a small breed dog, dogs with thin coats, or very young, old or sick dogs, special attention should be provided if the temperature is below 0°C.
– The dangerous weather threshold for outdoor play is -10°C to -15°C no matter the type of breed of dog you have
– Once temperatures get below -6°C, health problems like hypothermia and frostbite are possible
– Cats should not be left outside

Tips for a Safe and Comfortable Winter
– Provide a shelter for your dog if it is outdoors for part of the day for any reason. Ensure the shelter is dry, draft free, and large enough for them to move comfortably but small enough to hold in body heat. Have the floor elevated and covered with cedar shavings or straw. The doorway should be covered with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic.
– Ensure your dog has access to unfrozen water and fresh food.
– Be with your pet outdoors and watch for signs if your animal is getting uncomfortable. Observe if your dog is shivering, acting anxious, whining, slowing down, searching out warm locations, or holding up one or more paws. At this point, it is time to head indoors.
– Extreme signs of discomfort and coldness include frostbite on the tips of the ears or discolored paws.
– Consider protecting your pet against the cold temperature by bundling them up in dog jackets or booties.
– Do not leave a pet in a cold vehicle

Parking the Wrong Way- Traffic Bylaw

The Bylaw Department regulates and enforces the City’s Traffic Bylaw. Vehicles parking on the wrong side of the road is a violation that has been occurring on a more frequent basis.

The Martensville Traffic Bylaw 17-2015 states:
3e(vii) No person shall park a vehicle on any street to the left of centre (wrong way).

Enforcement of this bylaw will be increased in response to resident complaints. The penalty for parking the wrong way is $120. Please be a responsible and safe driver. Parking on the wrong side of the road is an unsafe practice, it is also against the law.

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