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City Hopeful Pump Track Will be Available This Summer

by Shanine Sealey

For those anxiously waiting for the construction of a pump track within the community, you will have to wait a little longer. The City of Martensville has entered into an agreement with Canadian Ramp Company (CRC) for the construction of the pump track; however, they are still working on setting a date for the project to get started.

Currently CRC is working on several projects in western Canada, and Director of Recreation & Community Services Ted Schaeffer explained that he should be receiving information on when work will begin on the pump track within the next couple of weeks. “We have no clear indication right now, although we are pretty confident it will be this summer. Once they do come in and get working on it, they will mobilize their crew and come in and do the whole build at once,” Schaeffer said.

Earlier this year, a survey was available to the public to help plan the layout of the pump track. There were a total of 26 responses to the survey, which according to CRC is a standard community response. Schaeffer noted that 25 of those responses were from Martensville residents with an age range of 7 to 45 years old. Skill level for those that responded vary from beginner to advanced and from all types of riders with bikes being most common, and scooters high on the list as well.

“The survey results were exactly what we were hoping for. It goes to show that this pump track will be a great addition to the community for all ages and all skill levels. We are looking forward to this project and what it will provide to our local residents,” Schaeffer added.

ABOVE: A plan for the layout of the Martensville Pump Track was created based off of results from a community survey.

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