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Children’s Tylenol Shortage Solved at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

In May of 2022, Pharmacists in parts of Canada reported running low on over-the-counter medications for children used to treat fever and cold and flu, due to pandemic measures being lifted and more viruses spreading as Canadians got back to everyday activities.

Previous stock that was available has now run out with no date available as to when this shortage will end, and parents are searching to find Children’s Tylenol with not much success.

Thankfully, The Medicine Shoppe in Martensville can help with this shortage as they are a compounding pharmacy and able to provide Children’s Tylenol. All that is required is the name, Date-of-birth and weight of the individual receiving it.

Compounding is “the combining or mixing together of two or more ingredients (of which at least one is a drug or pharmacologically active component) to create a final product in an appropriate form for dosing,” according to Health Canada.

Kayla Plikett, owner of The Medicine Shoppe said, “In other words we can custom make medications that are not commercially available or require a dosage form better suited to the patient. An example would be having a patient who cannot swallow tablets; we can take the tablet and turn it into a liquid. Compounding allows us to meet the individual needs of our patients.”

When asked what other medications that can be compounded, Plikett states that they can compound almost anything except for sterile products such as IV bags or eye drops (we are a level B compounding pharmacy; no sterile preparations). Some examples of things we do currently are topical pain medications, liquid dosage forms of medications only available in tablet form, custom capsules for doses that are not commercially available.

For more information about compounding, or to receive your Children’s Tylenol, contact 306-955-1055.

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