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Checkstops Planned Across Saskatchewan This Long Weekend

by SGI

RCMP & municipal forces will be out in force watching for impaired drivers 

Heading out this weekend? Don’t be surprised if you encounter a police checkstop at some point, no matter where you’re going.  

Saskatchewan’s municipal police forces and RCMP have checkstops planned this upcoming long weekend throughout the province. The checkstops provide a highly visual reminder to drivers of the importance of driving sober, and – when necessary – enable police to charge (or ticket?) people who make the bad decision to drive impaired by alcohol or drugs.  

“Nobody ever sets out to cause a collision or get charged with impaired driving, but it happens far too frequently in Saskatchewan,” said Penny McCune, Chief Operating Officer of the Auto Fund. “Don’t let it happen to you. Whatever your long weekend plans may involve, please make sure they include a sober designated driver.”  

 “Our Saskatchewan RCMP officers will be out patrolling our roads and highways and participating in checkstops all across the province this weekend,” said Superintendent Grant St. Germaine, Officer in Charge of Saskatchewan RCMP Traffic Services. “We know people have heard this time and time again, but that’s simply because it’s the truth: following the rules of the road saves lives. So whatever you’re up to this weekend, make smart choices behind the wheel. We thank you in advance for your cooperation when encountering these checkstops. Let’s all work together and do our parts to help make Saskatchewan roads safer.” 

If you get pulled into a checkstop, don’t be alarmed. Vehicles are selected at random and it will simply mean a brief conversation with a police officer to confirm that there is a sober driver behind the wheel. You may also be asked to give a breath sample into an approved screening device, which officers can legally request of any driver they pull over. These tests are quick, painless and give an immediate reading (click here to see what that looks like) so once the officer determines that you are fit to operate a motor vehicle, you’ll be back on your way.  

Impaired driving causes more auto crash fatalities in Saskatchewan than any other factor. When drivers choose to drive impaired, they run the risk of killing or seriously injuring themselves or someone else.  They also risk serious consequences, including jail time, fines, licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, mandatory driver education and Ignition Interlock requirements.   

For experienced drivers, consequences start at .04 blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  In Saskatchewan there is zero tolerance for alcohol for novice and learner drivers, and zero tolerance for drugs for ALL drivers.   

Tips for a safe long weekend:  

  • Weekend plans should include a plan for a safe ride home.   
  • Drive sober. If you’re not sober, get a ride from someone who is, or stay over.  
  • Be a good wingman. Don’t let impaired family and friends drive.  
  • RID (Report impaired drivers).  Know the signs and call 911. 
  • Don’t drive distracted (and avoid one of those expensive tickets). 
  • Buckle up.  
  • Check the weather forecast and Highway Hotline so you know what to expect. 
  • Obey speed limits and slow down if the weather conditions aren’t ideal.  

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