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Building on 2017 Success: Infrastructure and Facilities Focus of 2018 Budget

by City of Martensville

Maintaining and investing in infrastructure and facilities that ensure Martensville continues to be a great place in which to live, work, and invest will be the focus of the budget in 2018, City Council approved the 2018 Budget at the February 20th Council Meeting.

“Continuing to manage operational expenses and identifying the wants and needs of the community have been the focus of our budget meetings over the past number of months,” says Mayor Kent Muench. “As the City moves into 2018 projects, we continue to prioritize the needs of the City and ensure we have the financial sustainability to meet those needs, while minimizing the impact on residents and ensuring their hard-earned dollars are well-spent.”

Projects for 2018 related to infrastructure and planning include the completion of the Southeast Sector Plan, and the annexation of lands surrounding the City. Council has also committed $527,000 to roadways. “This is an effort to work towards an annual roadways maintenance budget of $600,000 to ensure the City’s infrastructure is maintained and at optimum service levels, which we know is important to our residents,” says Muench.

The City’s work to connect the City’s 7+ kilometers of paved pathways leading to Kinsmen Park will continue, and the life span of the aging Sports Centre will be assessed.

In the coming months, the City will set the mill rate based on final assessment values from the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency, and the results of the provincial budget in April. To be diligent, the City has budgeted for a 2% increase in total mill rate revenue.

There will be no changes to the residential base tax levy, garbage and recycling fees, or the wastewater treatment levy. However, in keeping with Council’s commitment to a future recreation facility, deemed a high priority by residents in the Recreation and Parks Master Plan, the recreation facility levy of $25.00 will be increased to $100.00 per property. Overall, the average home owner will see an increase to their municipal property taxes of approximately $102.50 per year or $8.54 per month in 2018.

The City hopes 2018 is another successful year. In 2017 major work was done to ensure needed infrastructure was in place including roadway upgrades from 10th Avenue to 16th Avenue to Main Street, including the City’s first traffic circle, and paving and curbing of Main Street along Lake Vista. “With the two new schools opening last fall, these were high priority projects,” says Muench. “Improved roadways along the Lake Vista area will also open more opportunities for commercial development in the area, enhance residential development, and will be an asset for future growth in the east part of our City.”

Another exciting project was the construction and opening of the Kyle Syrenne Skatepark. “This partnership between the Syrenne family and the City of Martensville has resulted in a wonderful addition to Kinsmen Park,” says Muench. “We know it will be valued by our youth, and we look forward to celebrating the grand opening this summer and to continuing serving the great residents of Martensville in 2018!”

How is Martensville Funded?

The City of Martensville collects the majority of its revenue through property taxes, with other revenue streams helping to fund infrastructure, programs, and services offered. Another significant source of revenue is government grant funding at 21.35%, however this funding has been declining in recent years. Revenues from fees and services comprise 17.93% of the City’s revenue stream. Examples include recreation programming user fees, garbage & recycling program fees, facility rental fees and others. The City continues to look for alternative funding opportunities to ensure we can maintain and grow all that the City offers.

Note: The City’s Water & Sewer Utility Department is not included in the image as this department funds only Water & Sewer infrastructure and operations.

Your 2018 Tax Dollar

Have you ever wondered how each tax dollar is spent? The image below shows the 2018 City of Martensville Budget broken down into different functions in the City. Each dollar is spent on essential infrastructure and service needs for residents and businesses.

For more detailed information on the 2018 approved spending, please see the 2018 Budget Highlights.

Note: The image included does not include the Water & Sewer Utility Department as this is operated as a fee for service department and is not funded by general property taxation.

2018 Budget Highlights

Water & Sewer • The $75.00 base tax amount will continue for 2018 to fund a reserve for future waste water treatment. • In May the City will again receive a large rate increase from SaskWater of 9.25%, which we will be passing on to our utility accounts. The City continues discussions with SaskWater and other partners to look for alternative options for the future.

Emergency & Protective Services RCMP • The RCMP detachment will remain at the current staffing level for 2018. This is the equivalent of 8 full time members.

Fire Department & Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) • The Fire Department will be evaluating staffing needs in 2018 and the option of hiring a full-time department member.

Infrastructure & Planning Land Development & Land Use Planning • The Southeast Sector Plan will be completed. • Annexation of lands surrounding the City of Martensville is expected to be finalized in the first quarter of 2018.

Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance • As per the Pavement Assessment and Pavement Management Plan approved in 2017, Council has committed $527,000 to roadways in 2018. This is an effort to work towards an annual roadways maintenance budget of $600,000 to ensure the City’s infrastructure is maintained and at optimum service levels.

Recreation & Community Services • We will build and complete a pathway along 10th Avenue South behind the McCormack Ranch area to connect the City’s over 7km of paved pathways leading to Kinsmen Park. • The City will be conducting a facility assessment study of the Sports Centre to determine the life span and aging infrastructure needs. • Mocon Baseball Fields will undergo landscaping improvements as well as tree planting in 2018.

Economic Development • The 2018 Budget includes funds to analyze and complete a seniors’ housing plan for the City of Martensville.

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