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Bosch Bids Farewell After 35 Years

by Shanine Sealey

After 35 years to the day of starting his position as the City of Martensville’s Director of Recreation & Community Services, Dave Bosch is preparing for his retirement. Bosch’s final day will take place Tuesday, July 3rd, which is the same day he started back in 1983, when the population of Martensville was under 1500.

Within those years, Bosch has witnessed a rise in Martensville’s population to now over 10,000 and with the growth, there have been numerous additions made to the community. From new facilities, to parks and pathways and a wide array of programs and services being provided, Bosch has been at the forefront of many of these exciting developments. “Since I announced that I was retiring, I have been doing a lot of thinking, and there are so many memorable moments that have taken place over the years. All of the projects are different, some are bigger, but they all have their magnitude to them. There isn’t one thing that stands out more than the other,” Bosch said. Thinking back to his first year within the position, one major addition to the community that stands out was the construction of the Martensville Sports Centre, which opened in November of 1984 thanks to the help of a fundraising committee, the Town of Martensville and funding from the government. “As the town was growing back then, you would see more and more facilities required and as more people moved here, we began to see those facilities being developed,” added Bosch. It was then that Bosch noted the North Ridge Community Centre, and the importance of that addition in 2006. “Community halls are a big part of any community. It is a gathering place for people to come together and becomes a centre within that community.” From there, other projects came to mind such as the Aquatic Centre, the MAP, the Kyle Syrenne Skate Park and Kinsmen Park, which Bosch said are all focal points within Martensville and items that the City is proud to be able to offer to the local residents. Additionally, through the years, there have been a wide array of sports programs and leisure activities offered in the community, and Bosch is confident that this growth and these changes will not be stopping anytime soon.

Prior to coming to Martensville, Bosch was working in a similar position out of Cudworth and began applying for jobs in and around Saskatoon in order to move to the area with his wife. For the first year after accepting the job within Martensville, the young couple lived in Saskatoon, and then in 1984 they decided to move to the small community. “After that, it has just been a blur. It is a great community, it was back then and it still is today. It has been a wonderful place to raise our children and we are so thankful to have built the life that we have here,” Bosch commented.

Growing up in a small town, Bosch always had a huge interest in recreation, spending his winters at the rink, and summer at the ballpark. This passion turned into a successful career and gave Bosch a special understanding and appreciation for recreational activities within a community. Upon starting his position in Martensville, one of the first tasks asked of Bosch was to organize a community ‘Sports Day’. “We didn’t have many things in the parade those first years, but eventually, we had volunteers come on board and more and more people getting involved and it has evolved now into the successful Buster Days event that we host each year.”

When asked about plans for his retirement, Bosch is unsure of what the future holds, although the idea of cutting grass on a golf course is an appealing vision. “Retirement still feels surreal. I still want to be a part of the community, but it will be on a different level. My goal is just to enjoy it. Martensville is a beautiful city and there is a lot to do and now I get to enjoy it in a different perspective.” Bosch added that one of the best parts of his job with the City of Martensville was being able to be involved with all the things that take place within the community and of course, getting to know so many people from Martensville. “The things that happen in this community couldn’t take place without the people behind it; Council, administration, City workers, volunteers and the residents. You need all of those people to help run things, to fundraise for them, to coach the teams and to get things started. That is what a community is, it is people coming together to make things happen for themselves and for their kids,” said Bosch. “Without them, it sometimes doesn’t get done. I love when I get to see these people help out, and I remember them as kids playing sports in the community. Now, they are living here with their families and seeing the need to get involved and help and continue to provide for the community.”

After 35 years, countless projects, thousands of people and an unlimited amount of memories, although Bosch is looking forward to the next chapter, this is a major milestone within his life. “To have had the opportunity to be in this position, to have these relationships with people formed in the community, those are things that I will never take for granted. Thank you to the people, to the community for the opportunity to work in this city, to enjoy this city and to have an opportunity to raise my family here. I am so grateful for everything that this community has given to me and my family,” Bosch expressed.

The Martensville Messenger would like to congratulate Dave on his retirement and thank you for the many years of service that you gave to Martensville and all of its residents. We wish you all of the best in your future endeavors!

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