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A&W Partners With Mealshare to Help End Youth Hunger

by Shanine Sealey

Although many of us have likely never heard of Mealshare; this non-profit organization has been on a mission to help end youth hunger throughout the world since 2013. Initially, Mealshare began with four partner restaurants in Alberta and has since grown to include over 500 restaurants across North America. The most recent partnership for this organization is with A&W Canada restaurants, with approximately 45 A&W restaurants in Saskatchewan participating.

From October 28th to December 1st, A&W restaurants in Saskatchewan and Ottawa will provide one meal to a youth in need for every Mushroom Mozza Combo purchased. “We’re very excited to partner because we share the same values and are proud to work together to give back to local communities. The support of A&W restaurants in these markets will make a huge impact for Mealshare and for youth in need, adding to the 3.1 million meals served so far by our restaurant partners across Canada and in the US,” said Andrew Hall, Co-Founder of Mealshare.

“We are on a mission to live in a world without any hunger, which is an ambitious goal, but we are working towards it and doing our part. The hope is that we can grow up and sit in our rocking chairs one day and tell our grandkids about how youth hunger used to be a problem but it isn’t anymore,” Hall stated.

For the Martensville A&W location, the entire staff is excited to be partnering with Mealshare. “We think it is such a great opportunity to help out and the setup is so simple and straightforward. The staff is really excited about it and it is such a good feeling to be able to give back. Nothing additional comes out of the customers pocket, but they get to feel good about helping out youth in need, and enjoy a great meal at the same time,” said Rachelle Buffin of the Martensville A&W location.

The local charity that the Martensville A&W will be giving back to will be the Saskatoon Food Bank, and Buffin explained that for every Mushroom Mozza combo sold, funds will be given back to Mealshare, which will be split between the local food bank and internationally through Save the Children Canada. “A&W loves to be involved with the community, especially when it is local it is so important to us. It is something that we hold dear to our hearts,” added Buffin.

To learn more about Mealshare and to locate other restaurants in the area that participate with them, visit https://mealshare.ca/en/.

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