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Another Step Closer to New Recreational Facility

by Jocelyn Ottenbreit

The Martensville Community Recreation Project (MCRP) came together in 2015 to help raise money for a new recreational facility in the community. This group of local volunteers have been very committed to see this dream become a reality and since then, they have raised over $1 million with fundraisers and events held that have helped them accomplish this feat.

One of these events was held this past weekend; Pentec Party on the Pond. Both the MCRP and Party on the Pond committees worked together to organize this fundraiser. In March of 2020, this event was limited to 250 people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Last year the event was cancelled also due to the pandemic, so after two years in the waiting, it was a huge success.

“The last time we ran this event was right before our province had to deal with the pandemic and we opened this year the first weekend after everything was lifted. You could just feel the sense of community in this event,” said organizer Jesse Reis.

There was a total of 40 teams competing in the tournament, and the 3-on-3 pond hockey tournament ran for two days, March 4 and 5 at the North Ridge Community Centre and on the surrounding ponds. Teams of four played five games in total. “Despite the early Friday snowstorm, the ponds were ready to go, and the weather was perfect.”

On Friday evening, over 400 people were entertained by Saskatchewan’s own comedian, Kelly Taylor. Another 400 plus people attended the Cabaret on Saturday evening which was hosted by Seven Mile Sun.

“It was a great way to bring together our community again. In total, we raised just over $60,000, which will go to the new Multi-purpose facility,” said Reis.

Both the MCRP and Party on the Pond Committee would like to thank all their sponsors, volunteers, and community members for making this such an amazing event. Events such as these prove that when a community comes together, amazing things can happen!

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