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80 Year Old Martensville Resident Inspiring Others to Get More Active

by Shanine Sealey

An 80 year old Martensville resident has spent many years working on self-improvement; however, little did she know, her journey was creating inspiration throughout the community. Other than a few short breaks along the way, Irene Dusener has been going to Curves in Martensville regularly since 2002.

Despite the weather conditions, the 80 year old gets up each morning and walks to do her morning work-out. This dedication earned her the title of being the first customer to complete 4000 workouts. “Irene walks every day, wind, rain or snow. I have seen her walking before and stopped to offer her a ride and she always says no because it is part of her routine. She is one of the most dedicated individuals that I have ever met and she has become an inspiration to many of us at Curves,” owner/operator of Martensville Curves, Wendy Staples said.

Staples noted that Irene has never let her age stop her from participating in the workouts. “She gets right in there with the 6am group, and some of those ladies are pretty fit. Irene is right along with them doing push-ups and jumping jacks and all of the things that people don’t typically do in their 80’s.”

Dusener does her workout regularly, but on top of that she also goes for multiple walks a day whether it be for groceries, to pick up the mail, through the Kinsmen Park walking paths or to mow her lawn. “Going to Curves gets me out of the house and moving in the morning. It starts my day off with lots of energy and there are some days I have more energy then I know what to do with. I can’t imagine starting my days without it,” Irene explained.

Earlier this year, Irene was diagnosed with cancer but the diagnosis has not slowed her down. Seeing her out and about, you would never think she was facing a terminal illness. Following her initial treatment, Irene was unsure if she would be able to continue with her regular routine, but the doctors gave her the go ahead and she has been maintaining her workouts. “They told me that cancer cells eat muscle cells, so I am making more muscle cells and it will take them a lot longer.”

Not only has Irene inspired other women at Curves, but complete strangers have stopped her on the street to tell her how she motivated them to get up and moving more. “I was walking one day and a lady came by and stopped me. She told me that she had seen me walking for years and that she thought if I could get up every day and be active, then she could do it too. It felt really good to hear that,” Irene said.

When asked what kind of advice she would give to other people of all ages that need a little motivation to get more active, Irene simply stated, “Just do it and you will feel so much better afterwards. Every day I do what I can do, and although I might not be here next year, that’s ok. It is just about enjoying your life.”

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