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$250,000 EXTRA win in Martensville

by guest

Tammy Lee was enjoying time with her family when the day took a surprising turn and got 250,000 times better.

The Martensville local discovered she had won the top EXTRA prize of $250,000 on her DAILY GRAND ticket for August 10.

“It was borscht day,” she explained while claiming her prize in Saskatoon. “My family was all around me and I took a quick break to check some of my tickets.”

The winner said initially she thought she won $250. When she realized there were too many zeroes for it to be $250, she was completely stunned.

“I couldn’t speak! I just gasped and showed my phone screen to my family across the table,” she said. “I kept looking at the screen thinking, ‘This can’t be real. Is this real?!’”

To celebrate her win, Lee said she is going to start by spoiling her family.

“I’m going to take everyone for a trip this holiday season,” she said. “I’m thinking somewhere all-inclusive!”

Lee picked up her winning DAILY GRAND and EXTRA ticket as part of a $24 Super Pack. She purchased her tickets from the Martensville Corner Store located at 301 Centennial Dr. N in Martensville. Her EXTRA-winning numbers were: 5586589.

Sask Lotteries is the main fundraiser for more than 12,000 sport, culture and recreation groups in communities across Saskatchewan.

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